Pool and Spa Concept Design

The proposed ideas in stage one will conceive the project as a whole, including plot plan.
Design concepts will be generated through a computer generated model.
The designs are informed by site specific observations and allow our designer to offer imaginative creations which respond to the requirements of each client.
A concept design will be presented with:
We will then meet with you to present and discuss the concept package, at this time we will also discuss the relative costs of each pool design project. Please remember, we are an in-house pool builder.


Design Documentation

Stage two design involves detailing your design to a highly accurate level to achieve an exceptional outcome exactly as intended with engineering specs. Any structural design/engineering required will be contracted to a certified engineer.
Documentation refers to the precise construction drawings prepared to facilitate plans for city permits.
All finishes, materials, specifications, dimensions and colors will be finalized as part of stage two design.
The drawings prepared may include a landscape specification, master plan of hard and soft works, details of feature elements, sections and elevations, and construction details.
* Please note this fee may be subject to alteration in circumstances where the project site is considered to be unusually large or complex. In such cases an appropriate fee proposal for stage two or three design will be provided prior to commencement.


Full Landscape Documentation


Additional Services

Any additional meetings will be invoiced as per the fee schedule below. Additional services may include:
Once your documentation package is complete, we can introduce you to a selection of reputable contractors with a proven track record that are suitable for your plant & irrigation project.

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