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Waterworks pool concepts is a leading residential swimming pool builder based in San Diego. Established in 1991 with a vision to seamlessly integrate high-quality construction that completely relates to your surroundings, we design and build contemporary spaces that inspire fresh lifestyle experiences.
Waterworks pool concepts offers our clients pool construction services and landscape design, tailored to suit their unique requirements and site conditions. Our designs aim to maximize functionality and aesthetic through intelligent composition of space, material and form. Our versatility enables challenging, thoughtful design that recognizes context, scale, color scheme and brief.
Waterworks pool concepts has designed and constructed some of the most unique swimming pools in San Diego, including lap pools, edge cliff pools, wet edges, pools with glass tile, beach entries, waterfalls, grottos and remodels. We also delight in the construction of simple pools with clean lines and little fuss.

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The decision to own a swimming pool is often a lifestyle choice as much as an investment.
Our goal is to ensure that clients maximize their leisure time and enjoyment of their pool. We offer the most advanced self-cleaning, energy efficient, solar heating systems on the market. we ensure minimal maintenance , minimal chemical sanitation, even heat distribution and ease of use.
We want to provide clients with a one point opportunity to accomplish an individual, innovative outdoor investment by:

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